Aubrey Clay Austin

born 8-21-1906…died 9-1-1976 Greensboro NC
married 11-3-1925 to
Vera Ann Legge Howerton

Aubrey and Madaline austin...left to right
Nancy, Jan and Bobby
taken at madaline's parents farm in North Carolina

1- Aubey Clay Austin Jr (AC) married Carol Longdinger
(children in San Antonio Becky, Peggy, Michael, Bob, Debbie)
2-Doris Jan Austin married Ernie William Walker (3 children in Jamestown, NC)
3- Robert Maurice Austin Lillian Louise Delabar
4- Nancy Lynn Austin married Danny Arnold Hodge (children Danny J, Lisa and Kelly)
5- Sue Madeline Austin (2 children)
6-John Wayne Austin married Nasha Austin and live in Indianapolis
(2 children)

Robert Maurice Austin married Lillian Louise Delabar
met at a swimming pool in France while Robert in the Air Force.
(she was the daughter of a Lieutenant in the French Army

pictured below, Lillian Louise Delabar as a baby with her parents

pictured below Robert Maurice Austin

1- Caroline Anita Austin

2- Corrine Diane Austin
3- Robert Dean Austin (twin) died at age 19 in a hunting accident
4- Mark Austin (twin) married Maureen in Idaho
(daughters Page and Chelsea)

Carolina Anita Austin married Terry Lynn Smith

1-Tarralee Louise Lillian Smith

2-Grant Hannibal Austin