Wright family tree

Alt info from http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=278&id=I832 shows the following

Robert Wright
Marriage 1 Mary

1- John Wright
John Wright
Death: 1811 in Virginia
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown

1- Daniel P. Wright b: Abt 1801

- Elizabeth Pulliam b: Abt 1802
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Married: 1823 in Henry County, Virginia
1-William P. Wright b: Abt 1825 in Virginia
2-Cynthia A. Wright b: Abt 1829 in Virginia
3-Elizabeth A. Wright b: Abt 1831 in Virginia
4- Robert Daniel Wright b: 23 Apr 1836 in Prince Edward County, Virginia
Married Margaret Davis Jennings born Abt 1844 in Appomattox County, Virginia

5-John D. Wright b: Abt 1839 in Virginia
6-Henry D. Wright b: Abt 1841 in Virginia
7-Mary A. Wright b: Abt 1845 in Virginia
8- Nancy M. Wright b: 1847 in Virginia

Robert Daniel Wright
Birth: 23 Apr 1836 in Prince Edward County, Virginia
Death: 13 Jul 1923 in Green Township, Guilford County, North Carolina
Burial: 14 Jul 1923 Smithwood Cemetery, Liberty, Guilford County, North Carolina
Marriage 1 Elizabeth Snow 23 Apr 1861 in Greene County, Tennessee

Marriage 2 Margaret Davis Jennings
Born Abt 1844 in Appomattox County, Virginia

previously married to a Mr. Jennings...1 son...Jno Jennings
Married Robert Daniel Wright on 17 Apr 1867 in Appomattox County, Virginia 5

1-Henry Clay Wright b: 1867 in Perryville, Virginia
2-Thomas Daniel "Bud" Wright born 2 Mar 1870 in Campbell County, Virginia
3-Mary Elizabeth Wright
married John henry Austin
4-Emma Lelia Wright b: 15 Apr 1875 in Concord, Virginia
5-Virginia Florence Wright b: 25 Dec 1878 in James River District, Bedford County, Virginia

Marriage 3 to Margaret G. Murray b: Abt 1862 in Guilford County, North Carolina
Married 21 Dec 1882 in Guilford County, North Carolina


1-Roxie Pocahontas Wright b: 8 Nov 1883 in Guilford County, North Carolina
2-Willie Josephine Wright b: 16 Oct 1885 in Guilford County, North Carolina
3-Henry Deskins Wright b: 9 Mar 1887 in Guilford County, North Carolina
4-Earl Hicks Wright b: 17 Jul 1890 in Guilford County, North Carolina
5-Lacy Monroe Wright b: 15 Oct 1890 in Guilford County, North Carolina
6- Eithel E. Wright b: 14 Jan 1893 in Guilford County, North Carolina
7-Arthur Glen Wright b: 29 Nov 1894 in Guilford County, North Carolina
8-Callie Donie Wright b: 9 Oct 1896 in Guilford County, North Carolina
9-Aline Erie Wright b: 6 Jun 1899 in Guilford County, North Carolina

Thomas Daniel "Bud" Wright
married Edna Jane Tolley

burried at High Bridge Cemetery, Va

children of Thomas Wright and Edna Tolley:

1-Irene Wright married a Worley

2-Magdeline Wright not married

3-Daisy Wright married a Fitzgerald

4-Leslie Wright married Jeanette Patterson

5- Elga Wright married Elizabeth Markham

6-Stella Wright married Clarence Newcomb

7-Maddy Wright married a Mills

Leslie Wright married Jeanette Patterson

1-*** Ronnie Wright*** married Gail Reeves from Alabama
2-*** Thomas "Danny" Wright***

*** Ronnie Wright*** married Gail Reeves from Alabama

1-Randy Wright
2-Michelle Wright married Mike Armstrong
(children Zack and Ally)
3-David Wright (twin) married Laura
(child Meagan)
4-Derrick Wright (twin)

------------Alt info based on the census record link below and research done by Jack Ring-----

Margarette Davis Jennings Wright remarried Robert Doss Wright

but before we get to Robert Doss Wright

Robert Wright Sr of Campbell county
had a son
Charles Wright
had a son
Robert D Wright of Amherst county
had a son
Robert Doss Wright who married Margarette Davis Jennigs Wright

Robert Doss Wright
born 4-23-1836 Appomattox or Campbell County
died 7-13-1923 Liberty NC
RD Wright & family moved to Tenn. where a second son was born
RD Wright enlisted in Confederate Army Calvary Company B 12th Tennessee Calvary...Calvary men had to furnish their own horse.
Captured at Jacksboro, Tenn 8-27-1863. A letter to Pension Board states he gave himself up to the US Army. No significant military action recorded at Jacksboro Tenn.
POW at Camp Chase, Ohio 4 months then transferred to Rock Island Ill.
RD Wright enlisted in US Army Company G 2nd US Volunteer Infantry on 10-6-1864. "Galvanized Yankees” were not put into combat against Confederacy...assigned frontier duty. Click to see enlistment papers.
Honorable discharge Ft Leavenworth , KS on 11-16-1865. Rank of Private.

Oral history says RD Wright then disappeared. His wife Margarette got his US Army pension stopped.
Record # 676 445 at Pension Bureau in Wash DC show he got it reinstated from a residence in North Carolina. He drew $8 month in 1904 and $72 a month by his death in 1923. His North Carolina window with drew $30 per month until her death 3-4-1927.
RD Wright abandoned family 1881 and married Margaret G Murray 12-21-1881 … 9 children from 11-8-1883 to 6-6-1899…3 sons served in US Army WWI

Poor squatters, Margarette Wright visited by Ruth Austin Ring who describe cabin as a hovel. Robert David Austin (uncle Roy) visited Margaret Wright in 1909 when he was 12 and said she cooked over an open fireplace

1880 census Bedford Co. Virginia…..Forest Mag. District June 10-11 1880…dwelling #194 family #196
Robert Doss Wright…born 1838?…wrong date...farmer
Margarette Davis Wright born 1840