Jane Morris born 1771 in Burke Co NC
Married December 8, 1791 to Phillip Huggins born 1764 in Burke Co NC

1- John Huggins bron 9-22-1792 in Bumcombe, NC
Died 4-16-1849 in Franklin, AR
Married 10-14-1819 in Lauderdale County AL
To Sarah D Farris

2- Mary Huggins born 1794 in SC
Died 1855 in Van Buren, AR
Married (in TN?) before 1820 to Henry Goodnight, Jr

3- Luke Huggins Sr born 3-1-1795 in Buncombe, NC
Died 2-1-1879 in Ozark, Franklin Co, AR
Married 3-14-1818 in Tn to Nancy Melton

4- Susannah Charlotte Huggins born 1796 in NC
Died 11-19-1883 in Hopkins Co, TX
Married 2-2-1818 in Giles Co TN to William Garret

5- Tabitha Huggins born 1797 in Burke/Buncombe co NC
Died 7-1886 in Mcnairy Co, TN
Married 1818 in Lauderdale Co, AL to Thomas Pinkney Hamm

6- Rachel Huggins born 9-13-1798 in NC
Died 1-10-1874 in AR
Married William Hamm

7- Jenny Huggins bron in 1799 in NC died ?
Married 1-14-1823 in Lauderdale co AL to John H Garrett

8- Elizabeth Huggins born 2-18-1800 in NC died ?
Married 10-19-1820 in Lauderdale Co AL to John English

9- James Madison Huggins born 5-27-1801 in Buncombe Co NC
Died 9-2-1892 in Mcnairy Co, TN
Married 1-12-1823 in Lauderdale Co, AL to Elizabeth Robertson

10- Thomas J Huggins born 1797 in SC died ?
Married Elizabeth Huggins
Married Nancy English

11- Phillip jasper Huggins born 7-25-1809 in AL
Died between 1850-1860 in McNairy Co TN
Married Agenes Robertson
Married 2-25-1823 in Lauderdale Co AL to Elizabeth English

12- Sarah Morris “Sally” Huggins born 3-18-1811 in KY
Died 3-4-1844 in TN
Married 6-14-1825 in Florence, Lauderdale Co AL to William Alfred Stone

13- Anney Huggins born 5-26-1817 in TN
Died 7-11-1896 in McNairy Co TN
Married 12-23-1824 in Lauderdale Co AL to Richard rushing