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below is William Morris pension application

Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements Pension Application of William Morris, Natl Archives Microseries M804, Roll 1772, Application #S7252 Transcribed and annotated by Nancy Poquette Burke County, NC, October 22nd, 1833, William Morris, aged 82 years: “I first volunteered in my 28th year (he states he was born in 1750) in the summer season for 3 months under Captain Kemp (believes his name was Jonathan) and Colonel Charles McDowell in this county (Burke. I then lived where I now reside) and marched down into South Carolina. While on this tour, was in the battle that was fought at Colonel Ned Hampton’s. We were attacked in the night by a company of British dragoons and some Tories. After fighting some time the British retreated but got what prisoners we had. Captain Kemp and Captain Kenady’s [Kennedy’s] done the hardest of the fighting.” “Next morning there was a detachment of horsemen sent after them. Our officers got all the horses they could ?start and picked ?these men and started them in pursuit. I was one of the men picked out and sent. We pursued about 12 miles and overtook them. We had a skirmish with them. We killed some of the enemy and took about 20 prisoners. They had about 20 of our men prisoners, which they had taken before. They were all released in the fight or rather, got away and returned with us to the camp.” “I don’t recollect the date, but think it was in the summer of 1778 or 9. We done no more fighting till my term of service was ended. I was discharged near Pacolet River in S.C. I got no written discharge. Colonel McDowell allowed me to come home 11 days before my time was out on account of my wife whose situation required me to be at home.” “In the fall of same year, I volunteered for 3 months more to go under Captain Whitaker, but he got killed before I got to him, and Lieutenant Boyakin [Boykin] took his place. We mustered to the state of South Carolina against the Tories. We had several skirmishes with ?Magent’s and Cunningham’s companies of Tories and upon one occasion we killed 5 of Cunningham’s men on Pacolet River in South Carolina. We had a skirmish upon a small creek that runs into Tyger River in South Carolina with a Tory captain by the name of Bright. In that skirmish my brother-in-law, John Raburn was killed, and one other of our company wounded. I served my three months and was discharged by Captain Boykin. I seen this discharge among my papers about three years ago. I have made diligent search since I learned we were to get pay for our services, but can’t find it now. I know not what has become of it.” “I next volunteered for 3 months under Captain George Walker to guard the frontier against the Indians. This was the next winter after I returned from the tour after the Tories. We were stationed at the Upper Fort on the Catawba River in this county near where Esquire John Burger now lives. I served out my time at that place. There was no fighting done, and was discharged by Captain Walker. I don’t think I got a written discharge from him.” “After this I was twice a volunteer to go to the Cherokee nation. We didn’t volunteer for any particular time, but turned out for the trip be it long or short. The first time I went, I went under Captain Daniel Smith, one of the McDowell’s commanders. We were only gone a few weeks, but killed a good many and took some prisoners and plunder. I killed one Indian warrior myself, and took another prisoner and brought him back to Captain Smith. This prisoner led us to a town, but the Indians had left it before we got there. We got some of their horses and other plunder.” “The next scout was under Major Joseph McDowell (afterwards General McDowell of Johns River.) We were out about the same length of time and killed and took some prisoners and drove the Indians back from the frontiers. This ended my services. I got no written discharges from either of these officers when we got back to the settlements we were dismissed and each man went home.” William x Morris

below is William Morris testifying that another person was in the war and entitled to a pension
State of North Carolina Burke County This day William Morris Senior2came before me John Allen Justice of the peace for said County and made oath and saith that John Penland serve 3 months with him the said Morris as a private soldier in the Revolution war under the command of Colonel Charles McDowell & Captain Johnson Kemp in South Carolina. Sworn to and subscribed this 16th of March 1832 S/ William Morris, X his mark

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