son of William “Buck” Morris”
Thomas Morris Sr born 1781?

his son

Thomas Morris Jr born 1813
married 12-28-1836
Mary Baxter Morris born 1822

birth dates based on age on census 1860

1-George Washington Morris born 1840

2-Julia Morris born 1843

3-James Morris
born 1-2-1844 in Rutherford county died 1941

enlisted Confederacy at 18
Company I, 50th North Carolina Regiment under Captain C. Reeves.
served under generals Daniels, Kirkland, and Pettigrew.
fought against Sherman’s advance in Georgia.
also in battles of Averysboro and Bentonville
lawyer under Judge M H Justice of Rutherfordton.
1872 started law practice in Columbus, Polk county.
1879 James Morris married Mammie Burgin Morris
relocated to Marion, county commissioner and mayor for 6 years
general assembly 1903 and US Commissioner until 1936 retired age 82
buried Oak Grove cemetery

4-Joseph Morris born 1846

5-Matilda Morris born 1848

6-William Morris born 1850

7-Martha Morris born 1854