William Columbus Morris “uncle Willie”
born 11-16-1857...died 1-14-1948
on McDowell county board of commissioners

married in 12-20 1888 to

Harriet Melissa Anthony Morris “Aunt Lissy”
born 5-29-1868 died 9-11-1953
aunt Lissy was adopted daughter of Thomas Parks
marriage performed at home of Thomas Parks in McDowell county

uncle Willie and aunt Lissy maintained the old homeplace
and were the cornerstone of the Morris’

6 children

1-Floyd James Morris born 9–17-1889
Georgia S Hack Morris born 1903 died 8-1988

2 children
Nell Morris Champion of Spartanburg, SC
married David Champion
Margaret Morris Rawls of Crystal River, FL

2-Clara Matide Morris Ramsey born 9-28-1891
married M.D Ramsey
Clara inherited Morris plantation and sold it to unknown party

3-Sergeant Parks M. Morris born 1-20-1896
Company K 1st infantry
died 11-11-1918 WWI France
read account of the battle

4-Nellie Morris Beckelheimer born 3-2-1898
married A.T Beckelheime
Son Billy
and daughter Lucille from 1st marriage
Lucille married William Dunbar

5-Infant born 7-9-1900 died 7-9-1900

6-Leota Long Morris Simmons
born 7-1-1901…died 1-30-1993

married Clint Simmons
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3 children
Jimmy Simmons lived in area off old hwy 221 across 221 from Mudcut
with wife Aileen

baby is Leota, Nellie upfront
back is Floyd, Parks, Clara

bottom left Nellie, Floyd, Clara
top William Dunbar, Lucille Dunbar (Nell's daughter), Georgia (Floyd's wife)