Possible Parents (Unproven)
Father: John Gibbs 1716-1770
Mother: Suzanne Phillipe +1786

Possible children (Unproven)

1-Zacharias ca 1740
2-James ca 1741-1794
3-Phillip 1741
4-Zacheus John nmn
5-John Gibbs Birth: Mar. 27, 1755 Virginia, USA
Death: Jan. 26, 1847 Burke County North Carolina, USA
married Rebecca Connelly Gibbs (1756 - 1847)
9-Cornelius GIBBS1354

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John Gibbs Birth: Mar. 27, 1755 Virginia, USA
Death: Jan. 26, 1847 Burke County North Carolina, USA married Rebecca Connelly Gibbs (1756 - 1847)

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REV. JOHN1 GIBBS was born March 17, 1755 in England,
and died January 26, 1847 in Burke Co., NC.
He married on Oct 10, 1776, Bridgewater, Rowan County, NC to
daughter of John Byran O'Connelly

She was born February 05, 1756, and died January 1847 in Burke Co., NC.

John Gibbs
Private, North Caroline Militia, Pensioner.
Rev. John Gibbs,was a Revolutionary Soldier #S-8556 N. C.
John Gibbs was a Methodist Minister and farmer.
In 1780, while a resident of Burke County, North Carolina, he enlisted in the Army and served three months in Captain Clark's Company.
In 1781, he reenlisted again and served three months in Captain John Connelly's Company.
Captain Connelly was his wife, Rebecca's brother.
John received a pension in 1844 for his service during the Revolution.
John and Rebecca's union lasted over 70 years and they did within ten days of each other in January of 1847.
He was a Methodist Minister at the Obeth Methodist Church, and they are both buried there.
They were the parents of 11 children.
John and Rebecca's union lasted over 70 years and they died within ten days of each other in January of 1847.

Rebecca Connelly Gibbs Birth: Feb. 5, 1756 Rowan County North Carolina, USA
Death: Jan. 16, 1847 Bridgewater Burke County North Carolina, USA

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from George H Gibbs

Notes In 1790 Census Rev. John Gibbs and Rebecca had six boys under sixteen
( William, James, Hugh, John, Joshua and Bryant) and three females (one was Rebecca his wife),
Females were not categorized by age during this census.
He was in the Second Company of the Militia which was commanded by his Brother-in-Law Captain John Connelly.
He was living near all the Connellys in the Lovelady district on the North side of the Catawba River,
which is present Caldwell County North Carolina.
There was a John and Richard Gibbs in the thirteenth company (Morgan District)
they were living in the same household and indicated as brothers in a typed transcript
this may have been an "assumption" by the transcriber.
It turned out to be an assumption by the transcriber, the microfilm had no such indication.
That John (who married Hanna Muchmore) moved to Kentucky.
DNA evidence from a single source believing himself to be a descendant of that John indicates there was no relationship between the two John Gibbses.
That Richard's will was presented to Burke Court for probate ca. 1808 but that's the only infomation I have found . . .
the actual will and what it said were probably lost in the Courthouse fire during the Civil War (General Stoneman's raid).
In the 1800 Census for Burke Co., NC John Gibbs is missing!
I now know that he moved from Lovelady district to the Bridgewater/Nebo North Carolina before 1810.
I believe he may have traveled or moved to Garrard County Kentucky where
his Daughter Suzanna married a Brown and then returned to Bridgewater before 1810.
Thus he missed the 1800 Burke County North Carolina Census.
In 1810 Census, page 337, line 1.
They had one boy less than ten (Wesley), two boys ten to sixteen (Bryant and Thomas) and two sixteen to twenty-six (Joshua and John). . .
William, James and Hugh had separate households.
They had one girl sixteen to twenty-six, thus born between 1784 and 1794.
Suzanna's weding date will indicate whether this could be her or even a third girl child.
This can not be Elizabeth since she married in 1805 and moved to Ohio.
In 1820 Census he had two boys between sixteen and twenty-six,
these could be Thomas and Wesley, since Archibald is probably over twenty-six .
But *surprise* he also has two girls between ten and sixteen,
I am working from an extract I need to check this on the census tapes Perhaps they were over sixteen.
His wife would have been too old to have these girls. They may be Wesley and Thomas's wives,
he may have taken them in from some other Gibbs, or they could be his grandchildren.
He was also listed as John Sr. Which indicates he indeed had a son named John.
Prior to 1825 John gave land for the Nebo Meeting House although he didn't actually deed it until 1844.
He had land on Shadrach Creek in present Nebo area just to the west of Bridgewater.
In 1840 Wesley Gibbs had a man and a woman between eighty and ninety living with him.
These are obviously John Gibbs and Rebecca Connelly Gibbs since there was no other couple in his family who lived to that age.
They were living South of the Catawba and West of North Fork, somewhere from Marion to Old Fort area.

His Revolutionary Pension Application:

John Gibbs, S 8556, North Carolina
John Gibbs - - S, 8556 Revolutionary Soldier.
Enlisted while a resident of Burke County, North Carolina in 1780.
Served three months under Captain Clark,
Again called out in the summer of 1781 and served three months under Captain
John Conley by order of Colonel McDowell.
He was allowed a pension on an Application executed July 15, 1844,
while a resident of Burke County, N.C. aged 89 years.
He was allowes a pension at the rate of $20.00 Per Annum.
State of North Carolina, Burke County:
on this 15th, day of July one thousand eight hundred and forty four, 1844 personally appeared before me.
Mr. William R. Rust, one of the acting magistrates and member of the court of pleas and quarters sessions in and for said county,
John Gibbs a resident of the county and state aforesaid,
aged eighty nine years who being first duly sworn according to law,
doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benifit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.
That in the days of the Revolution he resided in Burke county North Carolina
and entered the service of the united states under the following named officers and served as herein stated.
That in the year of 1780 he was drafted into the service
for a tour of three months under Captain Clark who marched his company from Burke into Charlotte
where they joined General Davidson who was stationed in Mecklenburg County
and that after staying some weeks at the post, they were joined by General Morgan who spent a few days with them,
and then the armies parted and the declaraant
was placed under General Morgan who marched on to the south Carolina to the Cowpens
at which post the declarant was discharged having served out his tour of duty.

The next tour of duty was in the summer of the year following, in the year 1781,
he was again called into service to serve another three months tour
under Captain John Conley by order of Colonel McDowell and was ordered on to
the Fort at the head of the Catawba River where the deponent served out his tour of duty as was discharged.
The deponent further states that he performed other services but the above
is the only regular tours that he was out, he also stated that he has no
Documentary evidence in support of his service that he can prove a part or all his service by payrool evidence.
The declarant also states that his name is not on the pension roll or any
agency except the present and that the reason why he has not applied before this
late day for his pension is that he was disappointed by an agent that he had
employed, and that the amount was so small that he thought to live without and is now
from actual necessity he is induced to apply for a pension.
Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written before me. Wm. B. Rust, J. P.

In a letter listed with above WM. Rust states that Stephen Ballew a resident of
Burke county and aged 83 years stated that John Gibbs "
Is a minister of the Gospel, a person to whom statements is due full faith and credit."
also Mr. Ballew said that he now and was in the days of the Revolution well acquainted with John Gibbs of Burke county;
that he was out in the service with said John Gibbs in July or August 1780"

We now know his application made no mention of Children.
NOTE: The "Fort at the head of the Catawba (river)
was what became the present town of Old Fort, McDowell County North Carolina.
In his later years Reverend John once represented Hebron at the quarterly Methodist circuit meeting.
Hebron Wesleyan Methodist Church is located in present Old Fort across the street from Hardee's Resturant.
This makes three Methodist Churches (Oboth, Nebo and Hebron) in which Reverend John was an active participant.

Marriages and children
Married on 10 October 1776, Lovelady, Rowan County, NC,
to Rebecca nmn Connelly 1756-1847, with issue:

William nmn 1779-1850
Suzanne ca 1780
James nmn /1781-1870
Hugh nmn ca 1782-ca 1870
John nmn Jr. ca 1783-1850
Elizabeth nmn 1786-1868
Joshua nmn 1788-1869
Bryant nmn /1790-1872
David 1792-1869
Archibald nmn ca 1794-1850
Thomas nmn ca 1795-ca 1863
Wesley nmn ca 1802-1870

original info from http://www.wnconline.net/~hermes/gsdnap/ylines/yline1_rjg1.htm

from George H Gibbs

1- William Gibbs (1779 - 1860)* married Elizabeth Connelly
2-James Gibbs (1781 - 1870)* JAMES GIBBS, b. 1780, Burke Co., NC; d. Aft. 1860, Blount Co., AL.
3-Hugh Gibbs (1782 - 1870)*HUGH GIBBS, b. Bet. 1781 - 1782, Burke Co., NC.
4-John Gibbs (1783 - 1850)*
5-Elizabeth Gibbs Penland, Garretson (1786 - 1869)*
6-Joshua Gibbs (1788 - 1869)*JOSHUA GIBBS, b. March 29, 1788, Burke Co., NC; d. 1869, Madison Co., NC
7-Bryant Gibbs (1790 - 1872)*BRYANT GIBBS, b. 1790; m. HANNAH FINLEY, March 03, 1813
8-David Gibbs (1792 - 1869)*
9-Archibald Gibbs (1795 - 1857)*
10-Sarah Penland Gibbs (1799 - 1850)*
11-THOMAS GIBBS, 1797-1863)
12-Wesley Gibbs (1802 - 1870)*WESLEY GIBBS, b. 1802; m. MALINDA FINLEY, July 09, 1821

alt info from http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=9316144
William Gibbs Birth: Mar. 14, 1779 in Bridgewater Burke County North Carolina, USA
Death: Dec. 21, 1860
(other info says 1850 http://cemeterycensus.com/nc/burk/cem174.htm
Bridgewater Burke County North Carolina, USA
Son of Rev. John Gibbs and Rebecca Connelly
married in 1804 to Elizabeth Connelly Gibbs
Birth: Mar. 1, 1789 Bridgewater Burke County North Carolina, USA
alt info http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~lynda77/jc_gibbs.htm
She was born November 02, 1778 in Burke Co., NC,
and died 1860 in Burke Co., NC. Bridgewater Burke County North Carolina, USA

Elizabeth Connelly Gibbs
Daughter of William Connelly and Rebecca Sherrill,
they are buried at Connelly-Rust Cemetery, Burke County, North Carolina
Married 1804, Bridgewater, Burke County, North Carolina to William Gibbs, son of Rev. John Gibbs and Rebecca Connelly,
they are buried at Obeth Cemetery, Burke County, North Carolina
Elizabeth died after 1860, she was still living when William Gibbs died.

Children of William and Elizabeth Connelly Gibbs were:
Twin daughters
1-Elizabeth H. Gibbs, married, Joseph Connelly,
2-and Rebecca M. Gibbs, married Nimrod Elliott (click here to follow the ElliottsNimrod E. Elliott,
Elizabeth and Rebecca were born on July 12, 1805.
3-Archibald Gibbs, married Margaret Ann Avery
4-JOHN BALLEW GIBBS, b. January 14, 1811; d. June 04, 1890.
married Elizabeth Henrietta Moore
6-William Fullwood Gibbs,
7-Caleb Gibbs
8-Thomas Joshua "Josh" Gibbs, married Sophrona Connelly
9-Harriet F. Gibbs, married William B. Parks, Sr.

alt info found on the web

William Gibbs Birth: 14 MAR 1779, Burke Co., NC
Death: 21 DEC 1850, Burke Co., NC
Burial: AFT 21 DEC 1850, Obeth Methodist Church Cemetery, Burke Co., NC
married Elizabeth Connelly (b. 1 MAR 1789, NC; d. AFT 1860)

1-Rebecca M. Gibbs (b. 14 JUL 1805, Bridgewater, Burke, NC; d. 1 JUL 1882, Glennwood, McDowell, NC)
married Nimrod Elliott (click here to follow the Elliotts
2-William F. Gibbs (b. ABT 1816, NC; d. AFT 1860)
3-Joshua Gibbs (b. ABT 1823, NC; d. AFT 1850)